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About Steel Strong

Our background

Steel Strong is a Swedish company located in Stenungsund, Västra Götaland.

It all started with me, Philip, making equipment for myself to compete in Strongman. Because the opportunity to be able to train certain branches did not exist in my immediate area.


After showing my equipment on social media, I noticed that more people had the same concerns. Then the demand for our Strongman equipment increased among private individuals and strength gyms around the country who sent us orders.


Which then led to us developing the company and developing a number of products.
Among other things, our Belt Squat which became a very popular product, both for those who want to overcome back problems or as a complement to their squats.
After that, the production of our gym machines really started, with 20 different products and even more going on! Today I can happily represent the company Steel Strong.


Our promise

Like any small business, success comes with relationships. Therefore, our goal is to create high-quality equipment that is backed by trust, knowledge and attractive design. Steel Strong always puts our customers in focus, where we want to offer the best possible shopping experience.


We will continue to work on our goal by constantly finding solutions to improve and develop our products so you can reach your goals!


Philip Hansson

Om: Om


Efter raset som skedde i Stenungsund för dryga 6 veckor sedan har vi haft en tuff tid då vi var ett av dem företag som inte hade möjlighet till våra lokaler längre och det blev ett fullständigt produktionstopp för oss.

Men vi kan nu äntligen informera om att vi är tillbaka i full produktion och ska göra allt vi kan för att få ut era väntande beställningar som fort så möjligt!

Vi tackar er som har haft tålamod och förståelse till oss under denna svåra tid!

Nu blickar vi framåt! 📈

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